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The most important aspect of an effective lawyer-client relationship is trust. You have the right to expect your attorney to act in your best interest, and to advise you fully and honestly about legal matters for which you retained the attorney, and inform you of developments as they occur. Your attorney has the right to expect honesty and reasonableness from you and fair compensation for the legal services provided.

You and your lawyer should communicate and be realistic about your respective expectations, the time necessary to achieve your objectives and the fees and expenses involved. Such communications should be reduced to writing whenever possible, so they will be available for future reference.

It is important that you be an active participant in your relationship with your lawyer. You can best control your legal expenses and contribute to the efficient resolution of your legal matter by providing your attorney with complete and accurate factual information, organizing materials that you provide to your lawyer, being prepared for meetings with your lawyer and utilizing your lawyer’s time and advice wisely. The more involved and knowledgeable you are about your legal matter and your lawyer’s work on your behalf, the more you will be able to understand and assess the quality and value of the legal service you receive.