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In Alabama, only a licensed attorney may engage in law practice. In almost every instance, an Alabama lawyer will have graduated with a bachelor’s degree and successfully completed three years of study at an accredited law school. In addition, a lawyer licensed in Alabama must have passed a rigorous three-day or four-day examination on Alabama and federal law administered by the Alabama Board of Bar Examiners and must have submitted an application for licensure that includes evidence of good moral character. An Alabama lawyer must also meet annual continuing legal education training requirements to maintain his or her license to practice law.

The law is a vast body of knowledge and information. No lawyer, even one who has extensive educational training and accomplishments, learns everything about the law. The primary purpose of legal education is to teach prospective lawyers how to research and analyze legal and factual circumstances of their clients. It is understandable, therefore, that lawyers are not always able to respond immediately to legal questions without further research and consideration.